Have you had your disability claim denied or your benefits terminated?

If your long-term disability claim was wrongfully denied or terminated, we can help you reclaim your disability benefits.



Most of the time, we do not need to sue the insurance company. We frequently begin with a demand letter describing the facts, the legislation, and our demand that the insurer comply with the contract provisions.

Insurers frequently recognize when they are mistaken. The problem is that most consumers are vulnerable because they do not understand the legislation, do not know what information to give (or not give) the insurer, and do not identify red flags during the claims process. Insurance companies are aware of this, and unfortunately, they occasionally take advantage of the situation.

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We handle the following categories of long-term disability claims:

Depression and Long-term Disability Claims

Are you unable to work because of depression? If you have a disability plan through an insurance provider, find out what your rights to reimbursement are.

Long-term Disability Claims

Have you had your long-term disability claim rejected? Learn about your legal options and how our team of disability rights attorneys can help you collect the money you deserve.

Chronic Pain and Disability Claim Denials

If you are unable to work because of chronic pain, you may be eligible for disability benefits from your insurance company.

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Lawyers for the disabled in Toronto, Ontario, and throughout Canada

Are you seeking for a lawyer that can fight for your rights as a disabled person? It is our goal to support you no matter where in the country you are located, and we do so without regard to provincial boundaries. It makes sense to work with a disability law firm with national reach and competence in disability law on behalf of your insurance company. We are well-known to your insurance carrier, and they know that we will not back down.

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